Monday, 2 July 2012

Summer Clothes Haul

Arrrhhh been so busy and feeling so tired for the last few weeks and the weather has been crap so it has not helped my mood.  I seem to pass my spare time away pinning away on pinterest or coveting items I see on other's blogs.  Ridiculous, given that some of the pieces that I see won't even suit me, but who cares eh.  

I am trying to get a grip, I have been fairly good this month.  I read a great post by Sharron at lookingfabinyourforties  itemising all the clothes she bought in June.  I have a pinterest board called My Wardrobe and when I can get an online pic, I pin it on there.  What gets missed are the little purchases,  some of the ebay finds, vintage etc.

So here are some of my purchases over the last couple of months

Scarf print Shorts Warehouse Sale £15 down from £45

I really like these, the colours are lovely and vibrant and I am sure I will be taking them out for as long as my legs will let me.

Turquoise snakeskin oversized clutch £8 Matalan

Who knows if I will use it, I don't really buy expensive bags for going out because I don't really go out,  I liked the colour so I thought why not!

This pale pink and gold folded clutch from H&M for £12.99.  A woman picked it up in the shop and put it down, I picked it up - she turned around and said to her friend 'that bag is.......  nice - er gone!'   I have already used this one twice (did I say I don't go out?)  The gold chain strap can be placed inside.

Quiksilver Black Jumpsuit £7 TK Maxx.  I got a bit of a bargain with this one.  It was damaged it had been slashed with a knife, I suspect when it was unpacked from a box.  Ten minutes on the sewing machine, perfect.  I wore it with chunky sandals to Sugar B's dance show last night.

Matalan Et Vous Tribal Trousers £14 down from £20
This pic doesn't do these justice, they are navy and the pattern is lovely.  End just above the ankle, nice slim fit.

Zara Woven Thong Sandal £60 now reduced to £39.99 grrrr.  Saw these on pinterest and a couple of blogs and loved them.  Wore them out to a birthday party and got lots of compliments. 

Zara Premium Flared Jeans brand new on Ebay for £20.  I haven't worn these yet as they need tapering slightly

Cross Tee from Project Social Topshop £22 worn and lot and Sugar B has had a few wears too! Little disappointed with the bobbling on the fabric though

Biscuit (pale pink) Jacket from New Look £24.99 This is a great Jacket, a soft biker style with really nice gold zips - unfortunately it is sold out now

River Island Sandals £20 brand new from Ebay.   These sandals were out last year, I loved them and turned them down for one of my birthday pressies as they were too high.  They were £80 full price so I decided to snap them up.  Still really high though, but I have been retraining myself to get back into heels.

Okay so that's just a few of my purchases.  I will try and post some more in few days.  I am going to start keeping a record in July and see how much I actually purchase.  Do you keep a track of your clothes purchases?


  1. Thank you for the mention honey. I looked at those Zara shoes they are gorgeous but like you, I rarely go out! You have bought some fab pieces. The H&M clutch story reminds me of OH when he grabbed my daughters Mulberry bag in the Selfridges sale!

  2. Hmm now I'm feeling not so guilty about all my sneaky purchases. I love those Zara shoes and the black ones from River Island.

    1. No sneaky purchase guilt! Sneaky purchases are the best..

  3. Love those River Island sandals!

    1. Thank you, I love them too. Can I walk in them - sadly no!